Explain People's Behavior Case Study

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Personality How do we explain other people's behavior?. The way we explain people’s behavior is by personality which is an individual's characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. It helps them understand who they uniquely are. It never changes because it’s who you are. We have various different types of personalities that connects to us. There is also something called trait perspective which is an individual's unique constellation of durable disposition and consistent ways of behaving, that constitutes personality. For example, Honest, Dependant, Moody, Impulsive are traits. How do people differ? Individuals differ by personality, who they are, and the way people would describe them as, it does relate to unconscious mind it's…show more content…
Albert Bandura who was psychologist believed that personality is the result of an interaction that takes place between a person and their social context. For instance we have a upper class young lady named “Lucy” who comes to her middle class friend “Jenna’s” house. Lucy is known to be very snobby and high class. So when she asks for a glass of sparkling water Jenna gets a glass, and gets water out from the fridges dispenser lucy watches jenna and is disgusted, and tells her why she doesn't have sparkling water in her home and goes on a rant about how she has this, and that in her home. How do we study Personality?. The way we study personality is by the model of mind personality which is conscious mind which is what we see, preconscious the outside awareness but accessible, and the unconscious mind is what we don't see of ourselves. This was made by famous Psychologist Sigmund Freud. For example to study, and see what your personality is sometimes by taking a personality test which I had taken with various questions. For instance the personality test named EYSENCK test had asked me various questions that I answered truthfully with either very inaccurate or very accurate,
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