Examples Of Reinvention In The Great Gatsby

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The Sport of Reinvention To become something you are not is to reinvent yourself. Reinvention can occur at any time and for any reason. A person can only reinvent themselves as far as they are willing to go. Most of the time, characters in books can reinvent themselves easier than living human beings. That being said, in the novel “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald writes about reinvention by talking about the extent one is willing to go, the cost, and how one Jay Gatsby attempts to reinvent himself. The extent someone is willing to go to reinvent themselves is determined by many items. To some, Tom Buchanan, the extent does not become major until the possibility of losing someone becomes concrete. To others, Myrtle Wilson, the extent starts out as major and slowly diminishes over time. Both Tom and Myrtle tried to reinvent themselves for each other, and in the end, they did not go far enough. Tom stops trying and Myrtle ends up dead, but their end might have been different if the extent was more. …show more content…

Myrtle Wilson did not have a lot in the beginning, but she gained a new life with Tom when she tried to reinvent herself for him. Things like new dresses, a big apartment, and fancy outings with Tom became the new “normal” for Myrtle. On the other hand, Myrtle lost the respect of her husband and friends when everyone found out about her affair. In addition to losing respect, Myrtle also lost herself, both mentally and physically, when she tried to keep secrets and live a double life. She became someone she did not recognize, and although her end in the novel was tragic, it was a cost that she had to

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