Reinvention Leads to Succes in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The art of reinventing oneself is constantly seen throughout pop culture. It is seen in the reinvention of Miley Cyrus straying away from the wholesome good girl image to a provocative trashy controversial girl. Hollywood and celebrities are constantly reinventing themselves; sometimes it is for the better, like wanting to clean up their image after some horrible incident. On the other hand it could be going away from the persona they are seen as, and wanting to be seen as somebody entirely different. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s superb novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby the main character is so fixated on reinventing himself. Going to great lengths to not only reinvent himself, but to obtain the things that he once had in the past- which was a life with Daisy Buchanan, a young girl whom he met before going off to war. The Great Gatsby explores themes such as reinvention and obsession. To begin with, one of the predominant themes seen in the book is the theme of reinventing oneself. Protagonist Jay Gatsby had not always lived a lavish life; in fact, he grew up in pov...

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