Examples Of Realism In Seconds Out By Martin Kohan

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What is Realism? If we take a moment to think, what Realism really is, we can agree is a point in where things can seem real. A story or a folktale that could be told without lies or exaggeration, When expressing realism people use evidence to showcase the reality of their telling. In terms of this week’s novel written by Martin Kohan, titled “Seconds Out” we come across realism. We come across one character called Donald Mitchell whom has a passion for photography. Always sits front row in everything making sure he takes the best pictures. Donald left his parents house after purchasing his first camera. He wanted to venture out that’s when in the novel Donald Mitchell ends up at the boxing fighting fight when Dempsey and Firbo are fighting.…show more content…
How Dempsey gets seventeen knockouts by Firpo. When I use the word “seventeen” I describe it as knockouts but also as seconds, which is what the novel is truly about “seconds”. What happened in those seconds? How it happened? Seconds in this novel are more like an eternity. In this story Dempsey is boxing Firpo, his on his last minutes which consist of a count down instead of Dempsey getting prepared to make that last hit which will get him to win victory. Dempsey instead pauses, more like pausing his life and instead starts to think about his cheating wife, he day dream over and over in those seconds letting Firpo prepare for the last punch which will title him champion, his day dreaming seconds lead to Firpo wining victory. With the last punch Firpo gives Dempsey in those counted down seconds, Dempsey fly’s out of the ring in mid-air flying over to Donald (the photographer) and landing on Donald crushing him completely. The realism of Donald not worrying about his life but his camera is real…show more content…
He is a well-known journalist with a passion for music. Ledesma passion for music is something big for him that he idols Mahler known to be a music composer whom Ledesma looks up too. Ledesma is so obsessed with the composer Mahler that he tells everyone about him, not only does he tell everyone he also wants everyone to love Mahler and see Mahler for what he is. One day he comes across telling his coworker Verani about Mahler, they began to talk but Verani in one point contradicts Ledesma for what he is saying. Ledesma gets upset and called Verani an idiot; to Ledesma he is the only one who is right about everything. While reading the novel we see how had Ledesma life was, he was married to his wife which was battling cancer they had a daughter which Ledesma took care of for a while since his wife left him and left Ledesma with their daughter, their daughter only stayed for a couple of days, their daughter decided to stay instead with her maternal grandparents. Ledesma gave up the feeling about being in journalism the minute he told Verani about the story of Dempsey and Firpo fight, he didn’t care to write about that fight or anything at that. His journalism days were over, he was more miserable towards his life then anybody I had ever read

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