The Importance Of Realism

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According to Measheimer “[International] system is populated with great powers that have revisionist intentions at their core”, famous realist political scientist, he has shown distinct vision on various conflicts over the last five decades. Realism is a traditional school of thought that firmly “rejects the idea that politics exists to deliver a moral or ethical value such as happiness or freedom” (aka the politics book) but rather make a bold statement based on the idea that post-World War II era is relying on sovereignty at a interstate-level because “there is no government over government” (meansheimer page 2). At all time, leaders of nations are the rational actors of a statist system aiming to maximize state self-interest and power, as well as minimizing state self-risk and struggle for survival. Mearsheimer theoretical claim is based on the relationship between anarchy and struggle for power as a result of…show more content…
Geographic and economical gains are the constant aims in the anarchic system that rule the international community currently. Along with this claim, the brilliant realist that measheimer is, emphasize on the importance of ‘self-protection’ as inevitable tool for nation to keep power, “survival is the primary goal of great powers” (handout page 3). The key role within the international community is, according to Measheimer realisms, the states. So the importance of state behavior is very self-focus conscious about the fear of outsider intervention in domestic policy. The last key factor of realism in Mearsheimer works, is the reference to the lack of balance of power since each nations is most likely to care more for gains rather than concern for the loss of other
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