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America’s Most Entertaining Sport Everyone has their own idea of what’s entertaining, whether it’s playing with a toy or watching a sports game. Most people enjoy being entertained, which is why football is one of our nation’s favorite sports. Having played more than ten different sports growing up (football being one of them) I’ve gained an appreciation for all sports. Most people would agree that football is a great sport to watch for entertainment, and has continued to live up to that reputation for over one hundred years. Certain aspects that make a sports game entertaining are things like: how often it’s played, how involved are the fans, and how complex the sport is. The term “diminishing marginal utility” refers to the fact that…show more content…
An entertaining sports game has elements of different options and ways of scoring, different skill sets, and a lot of variables going on at one time. Football meets this criteria more than any other sport. In football there are three different ways of scoring:, a touchdown, a field goal, and a safety. These three methods of scoring all result in a different amount of points, in contrast to basketball or golf where you earn different amount of points, but only by one method, by putting the ball in the bucket. The range of skill sets on a football team is more than most any other sport because there are so many different positions to be played at one time. A wide range of skill sets makes a sport more entertaining for the viewer to watch because there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re someone who likes violence you can watch a skilled position linebacker or lineman lay someone out. If you’re someone who likes running you can watch a skilled running-back or receiver speed through the defense. If you’re someone who likes strategy you can break down the play calling in the game. The complexity in football is due to the fact that there is so much going on at one time. The players are all moving around constantly in every play, and they each have their own role to contribute to the play. This constant movement among eleven different positions on each team makes the game far more complex then other sports games. With that complexity comes more exciting events occurring on the field at once, making football a great sport to watch for
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