Speech Persuasive Speech On Concussions

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General Purpose: To convince my audience about ways to prevent concussions.
Specific Purpose: My specific purpose is to convince my audience what needs to be done to decrease the number of concussions in football.
I. Attention Getter: Football, specifically the NFL, is the most watched sport in America. It attracts an audience by being a game of high intensity and big plays. But the harsh reality of football is the dangerous head injuries.
II. Introduce Topic: Concussions are a serious part of football and need to be better prevented.
III. Thesis/Argument: In order to decrease the occurrence of concussions, stricter rules need to be applied in all levels of football.
IV. Establish Credibility: As an athletes who has suffered from a concussion, I was interested in how concussions could be limited in contact sports.
V. Preview: Today I will provide you with the reasons why the current rules are not enough to prevent concussions.
A. First, I will explain how rules should be enforced in the NFL.
B. Next, I will explain how concussion rules apply to younger football players.
C. Finally, I will explain why rules need to be enforced in regard to helmet safety.
Transition: The problem with current rules is that concussions are still too common.
I. Main Point 1: NFL needs to continue to enforce head-to-head contact rules.
A. Subpoint: Many people do not like to focus on the violent nature of the game. Big hits and tackles are frequently praised and seen on top plays. But there are too many cases where these big hits result in serious concussions.
1. Making stricter rules to limit head-to-head hits in football should be enforced to prevent concussions. But at what point does it start to take away from the game of foo...

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...otect them from head injuries.
5. Dr. Margret Brooks says ““because the brain is floating freely inside the skull, I think most experts doubt whether it is possible to ever develop a helmet design that can prevent concussion.” (Healy, 2014)
6. No matter what helmet players are wearing they are all susceptible to concussions, especially if the rules to not protect player well enough.
I. Signpost: In conclusion, more needs to be done to prevent concussions without taking away from the intensity of the game.
II. Summary: Players’ safety should be focused on more by making rules stricter in the NFL, teaching younger players how to tackle, and increasing the rules because helmets do not always prevent concussions.
III. Argument: In order to decrease the occurrence of concussions, stricter rules need to be applied in all levels of football.
IV. Clincher:
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