Examples Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Introduction Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) emphasizes the importance of thoughts on producing behaviors. The fundamental principle of CBT is for counselors to assist clients in changing their negative thought patterns and recreate these into positive self-enhancing thoughts. The therapeutic relationship is grounded on collaboration between the counselor and the client. The counselor plays an active role but relies on the client to make changes. Together, the counselor and client will develop realistic goals that are achievable within an appropriate amount of time (Corey, 2017). Another important aspect of CBT, is that counselors will assist individuals in finding “unconditional self-acceptance, other-acceptance, and life-acceptance” (Corey,…show more content…
Counselors that practice within a CBT framework put responsibility for change on the client, but the counselor actively supports the client in achieving their desired goals. As a future counselor, it is important to me that both the client and the counselor assume roles within the therapeutic relationship. I feel that self-defeating thoughts prevent individuals from living their lives the way they want. These thoughts prevent individuals from living an authentic, happy life. My practice as a counselor will consist of helping clients recognize their thoughts and work towards change. For this reason, cognitive behavior therapy is my preferred theoretical framework. Additionally, this approach is an evidence-based therapy and has research underlying the established techniques and interventions (Corey, 2017). Cognitive behavior therapy can be used as an underlying framework for techniques outside the realm of traditional CBT interventions. For instance, mindfulness is effective in assisting individuals in acknowledging and accepting their thoughts. Mindfulness can be practiced within the CBT framework and has proven to be an effective treatment for individuals with a wide variety of mental health disorders (Khusid & Vythilingam, 2016). Specifically, research reports that CBT can treat individuals with PTSD, substance abuse, and co-occurring…show more content…
In my future work as a counselor, I would like to work with individuals that have experienced a traumatic event. Whether they develop PTSD or not, underlying CBT methods can be implemented in their sessions. Hamblen, Norris, Symon, and Bow (2017) reported that individuals that endured a disaster benefited from CBT treatment. These individuals also showed improvements 3-months following treatment. This study suggests that CBT has lasting effects which is important to me as a future counselor who strives for my clients to gain long-term benefits (Hamblen, Norris, Symon, & Bow, 2017). Another intervention educates individuals on coping skills and has been found effective for treatment of substance abuse (Corey,
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