Evolution Vs. Creation

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Evolution! The theory that every living organism has come from a lesser organism. A theory that claims humans have come from monkeys. This "theory", is what’s being taught to our children in school. If a child asks a teacher about the theory of Creation, they are sure to get a response like, "I’m not allowed to answer that question", or something along those lines, because schools are not allowed to teach on religious subjects. I guess schools think that evolution is the next best thing. I believe that the world was created by God! Ever since I have been in high school I have questioned the theory of evolution. We are going to look at the theory of evolution and where the theory originated. We will also look at the theory of creation, and the differences between the two. First and foremost it has to be noted that the theory of evolution isn’t a scientific argument, but an attempt to lay down so-called absolute truth, and materialistic worldviews hidden behind the mask of science. According to B.A. Robinson "most of the people who have pioneered modern science believe in the existence of God, and while studying science they sought to discover the universe God Has created, to see his laws and the details of His creation." Scientists such as Leonardo Da Vinchi, Copernicus, Keppler, Galileo, Cuvier, Linnaeus and Isaac Newton all studied science by faith. They believed in the existence of God and that the whole universe came into existence by his creation. And last but not least, probably considered to be the most intelligent genius of our age, Einstein was another devout scientist who believed in God. The theory of evolution came into view by the re-awakening of ancient theories and became wide spread in the 19... ... middle of paper ... ...us and put us here for a reason. Bibliography 1. B.A Robinson, http://www.religoustolerance.org/ev_hist.htm “A Brief History Of Conflict Between Evolution And Creation Science” 2. Kent Hovind, Video, The Dangers Of Evolution. 2002 CSC Ministries 3. History Of Science Society, “History Of Science Societies Statement on Evolution, http://www.hssonline.org/socity/about/evolution.html 4. Genesis 1:1, The Holy Bible 5. A symposium On Creation, By W. Hewitt Tier, Baker House Books Company, 1977 6. W.J. Humphries, Quote, made to Meteorological Society in 1998, 7. Creation Science Website, http://emporium.turnpike.net/c/cs 8. www.clerifyingchristianity.com , “Basics of Creation Vs. Evolution”, Last accessed March 2001 9. Robert P. Kershner, “ Evolution In Public Schools” http://evolutioninschools.blogspot.com/ , President, American Astronomical Society

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