Evidence to Support Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

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There are many reasons why people should believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. One of the more compelling reasons is the anatomical similarities between different species. Still another reason to accept Darwin’s Theory is the geographic distribution of species, meaning that certain plants and animals have evolved in specific ways to meet the needs of their isolated environments. Another reason to support the theory of evolution is the fossil record of change over time throughout earlier species. Lastly, scientists have recorded genetic changes in a certain species over many generations which support Darwin’s Theory. Those changes indicate that evolution is occurring. For all those reasons, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution makes scientific sense and should be respected.

First off, there are many anatomical similarities between completely different species of organisms. One of the more well known similarities is that between apes and humans. Many people don’t accept this proposal as being true because it offends their religious or personal beliefs, but there do exist some very compelling facts to support the argument that mankind did in fact evolve from apes. The first similarity is that their overall size and general physical frame are quite alike. Another similarity is that both man and ape have a broad rib cage which extends past the vertebral column. What this means is that both humans and apes have rib cages that are slightly bigger than most mammals and which extend beyond their back bone, also known as the vertebral column. Yet another prominent similarity is that both have their scapulae located on their back, and their shoulder blades are located on their sides. These anatomical similarities are significan...

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...good sense and more people ought to open their minds to it and accept it as fact.

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