The Nature and Purpose of Evangelism

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What is Evangelism? Using both biblical and contemporary perspectives, explore the nature and purpose of evangelism.


This essay is to explain what evangelism is contextualising it with the bible; the contemporary world exploring what it really means and the purpose of it.

What is the nature and Purpose of Evangelism?

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life (John 14:6). If we can dissect this script, ‘I am the way’, Jesus was telling us his way was the way to live life, so long as we walk in truth meaning true to his way of life, following his example which is classed as truth which further leads us to eternal life. The dictionary’ definition for evangelism is; someone who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, zealous advocates of something. This is a complete distortion of the truth of course. If the postmodern person read this definition it would create a storm, the post modern critique undermines all levels of truth whether it is from the English dictionary or the Holy Bible. The English dictionaries definition of evangelism is someone having a hidden agenda

Depending on what domain of Christianity you are from depends on the word used, but in this case we are discussing the purpose of evangelism, it comes to something when Christians cannot agree on a word of God and use it universally, never mind the authors of books.

We are talking about spreading the word of God in the first instance and then demonstrating Gods word in actions; and that is when it has to come from the heart and the agape of God’ love is witnessed in others. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a Christian to be an example to God. Demonstrating Jesus’ actions is of primary concern in liberate others from...

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... components of mission and may never been given a life of its own.’ Having read this, it is infuriating how the ecclesiology can digress so far from what Jesus Christ tried to portray. The CWME (Commission of World Mission Evangelism) defined evangelism as the “commission to give the whole church, and take the whole gospel to the whole world”. It is this definition which seems more in line with the plumb line of God.


In drawing everything to a close it is concluded the Samaritan from the biblical perspective is no different from the contemporary. The psalms of songs are no different from the worship of the contemporary so long as they are humble unto God. We have no chance to be like God but we have the ability to demonstrate how he would like us to live and in doing so he will do a works in us, so we can give testimony unto him.

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