Pros And Cons: The Idea Of Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Once a patient meets all the qualifications, submits the requests to a physician, and is approved by two physicians the patient can move forward with this process. Typically a physician prescribes the patient a medication at a specific dose, essentially aiding the patient in overdosing. Once the patient receives the medication they are allowed to take it where they feel comfortable, though they are advised not to do so in public. Patients also must take the medication in the state they receive the medication in and reside in; if a patient takes their medication outside of the state they’ve been prescribed it in they will not be protected by law and their death will be ruled a suicide. One in three patients who receive their prescription end…show more content…
There are pro’s and con’s to idea of being assisted medically with suicide. On one hand it’s not our place to take away a life and it’s completely contrary to what a physician is suppose to do. Aren’t doctors supposed to keep their patients alive and provide care for their patients? How is this any different from legalized murder? On the other side of things this is seen as a mercy killing for those whom are suffering. Why have a patient live their final months in pain and suffering? There are so many arguments for and against physician-assisted suicide and unfortunately there’s no true or correct answer, it’s simply…show more content…
There are concerns that the legalization of this will bring forth deaths for the wrong reason. It’s not that people don’t deserve the right to die, it’s that people don’t deserve to feel like they have to die. Everyone deserves the right to make a decision on his or her own, and no one should have to suffer; with that though, no one should have to feel like this is the easy way out. This is about the fact that making physician assisted suicide legal could put unneeded pressure on these patients. We have to think about the less fortunate, the lonesome, and the outcasts. Assisted suicide isn’t the answer to financial struggles or burdens. Rather than offering up this idea of physician-assisted suicide, shouldn’t we be making these patients comfortable? The healthcare system should focus on making terminally ill patients comfortable and

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