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Euthanasia is a though that ponders in the mind of many everyday. Is

it right, is it wrong, who can decide the value of a person's life?

Euthanasia is an option that many sick and dying people consider

everyday. Euthanasia can be a sick person's only escape from a life of

torment and suffering where they are waiting to die. People also

choose Euthanasia as a means to ending their life because they feel

that can no longer live their lives the way the want to. Finally,

people use Euthanasia to end their lives because they feel that only

machines and medication are keeping them alive and that they have

truly died inside. A careful and close analysis of this topic and a

review of some quotes taken from a major motion picture on this

subject will show that Euthanasia should be legalized, and implemented

in our palliative care system today.

The word Euthanasia can be a taboo in the medical care system today.

Many medical practitioners dismiss euthanasia as an option to

treatment and it is illegal in all 12 Canadian provinces. Euthanasia,

however, can be a sick and dying person's only escape from a life of

prolonged suffering and pain. Many sick and dying people are would

rather put an end to their suffering than spend out their last days in

torment. In the motion picture, Who's Life Is It Anyways, a

quadriplegic states "There is no blood, no screaming, so you can't see

the pain". This quote exemplifies the fact that many people who are

being kept alive suffer not only physically, but emotionally as well.

People choose euthanasia because it allows them to free themselves of

the unnecessary pain that they must endure. They we...

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... have proved their cases on why it

should be legalized yet it still continues to be morally questioned on

a daily basis. There has been a recent outcry by people who are sick

and dying as they find Euthanasia as their only option. Whether it is

a bout with a terminal illness or an unfortunate accident that has

caused paralysis, Euthanasia can end the unnecessary suffering of many

and allow people to die with dignity. After a sever and tragic

accident many have also lost the quality of life they once enjoyed and

would like to end their lives peacefully. Euthanasia can provide all

this to people in pain and suffering and the facts show this to be

true. With all the evidence given, and the testimonials of many, it is

painfully obvious that Euthanasia should be a viable option for those

who can no longer live with dignity.
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