Ethics And Morals : Moral Decisions

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To find our moral decisions, we need to use logical evidence and theories to decide if our ethics and morals will allow us to harm an innocent child to create more happiness in the lives of others and our own. There are many different theories of morality that we can use to make this ethical decision. In this paper, we will look at many of the options and see how they are structured. Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, and Kant’s moral theory will all be put to the test and a decision will need to be made. First, we will discuss the properties of each theory. Next, we will see how some believers may argue against our decisions claiming we are on the wrong side of morality and that we may be misguide in our attempts to use the theories. Then you will see how in turn the most morally correct decision was made. With moral theory backing and sound reasoning, this decision can be made without worry of being seen as wicked or feeble. Though this decision may be difficult for you to make, it will create at morally superior world since we will be using our moral theories. These theories have been created over many years of trial and error by the human race and have finally come to a point. While looking at these theories, we will see the decision to torture the terrorists child would be morally acceptable. For our first theory, we look at Kant’s moral theory of categorical imperatives. There are three versions of how Kant argues his theory. We will discuss the first two and how they are formulated and used. Kant states that moral truth or code must be absolute, also referred to as an imperative. Now, the imperatives need to be a rational code that can stand up to argument as well be useful and adaptive to new moral outlooks. Kant’s categorica... ... middle of paper ... a mean to prevent us from being right morally and the ends of the many would not be taken into account. Moral theories were discovered long ago and challenged many times. We can still see these theories values because they continue to be challenged and they stand up to the objections time and time again. These theories were discussed and defined to allow some background into their standards. The theories where then used to show that the inflicting of harm to a terrorist child in order to prevent the harm of many would be morally acceptable. At the same time using those theories of utilitarianism, virtue ethics and Kant moral theory to disprove the claim that harm to the child would be morally unacceptable. We can concluded that making this choice to harm a child would be morally correct by using sound, rational judgments based on our human experience and studies.
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