Ethical Issues In Engineering Practice Essay

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In this report, the issues which will be discussed is mainly on the ethical issues in practice. There are many unique ethical issues to be discussed when it comes to engineering profession. This report will discussed mainly on the sustainable development which includes environmental ethics, computer ethics and ethics and research. Therefore after reading this report, readers will be able to determine what ethical issues arise in engineering practice with regard to the environment. Readers will also be able to recognize how engineering practice is impacted by computer technology and will be able to learn about ethical issues that arise in the course of research and development.
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Integrity of the environment and quality of life will be better if engineers learn to use sustainable design principles when conducting a project or construction. The function of sustainable design is not just to minimize the environmental impact, but also that it can be manufactured and disposed of without harming the nature. Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM) stated that there is a code of professional conduct to cater for sustainable development. It was stated that a registered engineer shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and shall strive to comply the principles of sustainable development in the performance of their professional…show more content…
The computer is rapidly used in the field of engineering design that use software to design a product and an application. An engineer should use the computer in the correct way that follows the codes of ethics in order to avoid the problems later.
3.1 Computer as a Tool for Unethical Behaviour
In this section, we will discuss about the usage of computer in a wrong ways which violates the computer ethics. First of all, unethical behaviour is an act that should not be done by someone as it can bring many disadvantages. These behaviours can be done by everyone in this world, for example, engineer, doctor, professionals, prime minister in their politician and in businessman. Unethical behaviour is depending on the level of someone’s discipline.
While, in the usage of computer, there are many action that can lead to unethical behaviour. Computer is like a car, it makes us easy to go everywhere quickly, same as computers that helps us to make our work easy and faster. The examples of unethical behaviour in the computer usage are as list below. This unethical behaviour can cause many consequences to the person and may be liable to legal action.

1. Bank
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