Should College Athletes Get Paid

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College Athletes and Money Many people debate over the topic on whether college athletes should receive compensation by their universities for participating in athletic activities. This question has sparked controversy as many people feel it is right for these hard-working athletes to receive money. However, there are also many people who feel the schools do enough for the athletes, and should not pay them. In my opinion, college athletes should receive compensation by their universities for playing sports because the athletes contribute greatly to the university’s income, and would receive what they deserve, and the athletes may stay all four years of college instead of declaring to play professionally. The debate on whether college athletes …show more content…

One of the main reasons why many of the college athletes leave school early and go on to play professionally is for the money. It is only common sense for the athletes to leave school early and head on to play a professional sport. The athletes are making no money in college, but if they elected to declare to play at the next level, many of the athletes would go on to sign contracts worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and some worth millions of dollars. Athletes would more than likely stay the whole four years of college if they were to be paid. The mindset of these athletes would change to, “I’m getting paid here so why not stay and get my four years of education.” This mindset would cause many big-name athletes to stay in school and in turn would also help the schools. If many of the big-name athletes would stay in school, revenue for the schools would go up. People would want to go see these prime athletes, and many viewers from home would tune in on their televisions to watch these athletes. At the end of the day it would turn out to be a win-win situation as the universities would gain even more revenue, and the athletes would be paid. Now, many people would say, “the universities are paying for their education, why should they still receive money?” To begin, not every scholarship is a one hundred percent scholarship that covers all education and expenses. Many scholarships are scholarships of 75 and 50 percent scholarships. If the athletes are coming from a poor background, it would be difficult to not just pay for the rest of tuition, but also for food, gas, and many other necessities needed for the athletes. Though all college athletes go through this same struggle, the athletes are not your ordinary college students. The athletes are contributing greatly to the universities and should not be allowed to

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