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Why is it important for Oral Health Therapists to address diet and nutrition with their clients? It is important for oral health therapists to address diet and nutrition with their clients as nutrition directly influences the incidence and progression of tooth decay. Having too much or too little of any nutrient may present harmful effects to the teeth and may contribute to oral diseases or infection. On the other hand there are vitamins and nutrients that are good for teeth and the oral region. Some of which include calcium and iron. Explain what it means when dietary advice is proactive and reactive and give 2 examples of patients in each category Dietary advice that is proactive focuses on prevention. Proactive dietary advice aims to help clients prevent problems from occurring. Examples of clients include an elderly patient who is on medication and a patient who is pregnant. On the other hand reactive advice is focused on intervening. Advice as such, attempts to help clients solve or form a resolution to their current problems. Clients who would receive reactive advice include ...

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