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1) Describe the world you come from a— for example, your family, community or school — and b .tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.
a) Since at a very young age, my parents has encouraged me and my younger brother to attend church. Both of them have instilled christian virtues in me and have served in the missionary field for many years. In school, because of the influence of my close friends, I regularly attended the Christian Fellowship club to learn more about the bible that held in the classroom every Friday . Furthermore, I served in the church praise and worship team and children church every Sunday. As I gotten older and mature, I follow the church elders to serve in the missionary work. Therefore, my faith in God has developed strongly and remain steadfast ever since then. However, there was a part of me whispering to myself that I have to reach out to other people in the missionary field in the future. After long thoughts and consultation from my parents, I decided to serve in the missionary field in the future not just to help the needy and the poor, but the vital role is to spread the faith of christianity to the people in another part of the country or world. Furthermore, the purpose of serving in the missionary field is not to provide me the satisfaction of helping the needy ones but ultimately to show them that there are people like us that care for them, and they can count on us if they have any problem.

b) Over the years, together with the church members, I have served in the neighboring countries of Malaysia such as Indonesia and Thailand. However, in one of the missionary work in Chiang Mai,Thailand, I had difficulties to connect with the natives there who believes in buddhism since I...

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...ssional course. However, I believe after I have done this professional course it is God's will and plan for me to study major in religious studies before I step foot into the missionary task. There was a time I thought of resigning from Deloitte a year ago but in the same time I am already halfway through finishing my professional course. So I decided to finish this professional course once and for all. I can choose to serve full time after I have done this professional course but I wish to equip myself with the knowledge of multiple religions so that I will be ready to serve in the missionary world. Thats why I am enrolling into this university to study major in religious studies . I believe the university has the material and tools to enhance my understanding of the background of different religions to path my road to become a full time missionary in the future.
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