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805 million people in the world don’t have enough food and if they do have food, it’s not always healthy. 3.1 million children are dying each year of hunger. 925 million people are eating less than 2,100 calories. The food that’s affordable and is easily accessible isn’t usually very healthy. The number of people starving and dying globally has been an epidemic for a long time and can be stopped by the government opening up more food shelters, the government creating more jobs, and making healthy food more accessible. This epidemic is affecting the world which is why it is known as a global crisis. The hunger rate globally is appalling. According to world hunger,”The World Food Program’s description of the global food crisis raises the specter…show more content…
According to Food Banking, “Being poor prevents people from buying or producing healthy food,” and “We must stop hunger, be the voice for the poor and hungry and think of smart ways to solve the problem of world hunger so people don’t die simply” (Revolution Hunger). The top countries facing the most poverty and deaths are” India, China, The Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia” (World Food Programme). According to Revolution Hunger, “the highest causes for hunger is natural disasters, government and policies, agriculture and poverty” (Revolution Hunger). One of the biggest reasons though, is poverty. Because many people suffer from poverty,”This makes them weaker and less able to earn the money that would help them escape poverty and hunger” (WFP). One reason the agriculture is ruining countries’ and is impacting how much food people get is because being a farmer is expensive. Farmers need to buy land, the machinery needed, they would need to pay workers if they had any, they would need to purchase seeds and more. Another issue is that some countries don’t have fresh water which will ruin and contaminate many crops. Many workers on farms and other places in some countries are getting payed $1.25 a day. For every 1 US dollar, that is worth about $77 in Bangladesh. 77 dollars may seem like a lot, but…show more content…
3.1 million children are dying of hunger. “About 21,000 people die every day of hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations” (Poverty). “There are still an estimated 868 million people who are undernourished and more than 100 million children under age 5 who are ;undernourished and underweight” (Bread). The amount of people hungry is decreasing 37% since 1990, but it needs to end. More jobs need to be created by opening shelters and letting the people that need jobs work there and then get paid., there need to be more food shelters and the government needs to make healthier food easier to access to

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