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“I meant to write about death only life came breaking in as usual.” Virginia Woolf was a popular modernist back in the twentieth century. She wrote various novels, each novel different, but all connecting the same theme. Woolf struggled with a bipolar disorder and a deep depression within her years of living, and showed through her work the struggles she was faced with. Woolf put all her energy into writing what are now the most famous pieces from the twentieth century. Woolf was unlike average writers in her day, Woolf liked to focus on changes in the literature world. Although she was a dark writer, she liked to mix her darkness in with the changes the world was experiencing. Woolf’s famous novels are Mrs. Dalloway, The Lighthouse, A Room of One’s Own, and Orlando.
Woolf was born into a family of many literature talents. Her father, Sir Leslie Stephan, was an author of the Dictionary of National Biography. Woolf had a sister, Vanessa, who was a very skilled painter; she also had two brothers Thoby and Adrian, who went to the University of Cambridge. Woolf was not given the opportunity to go to college like her two brothers. She never quite understood why, but it is said it could not be afforded at the time. From not being given this opportunity, Woolf considered herself as “ill-educated,” although she was becoming one of the most intelligent writers of her time. Being surrounded with all these great literature talents, Woolf was inspired to become her own literature success. She wasn’t fully comfortable with her writing until her move to Bloomsbury, which would turn her literature career around. The death of Woolf’s parents forced her, and her siblings to move to a small London neighborhood, Bloomsbury. (“Rosenbe...

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...rposes. That was not okay with Woolf, she believed if you really want an education, you should be able to have one, no matter what sex you may be. Woolf wrote this essay to express her views on feminism and also connect her life struggles with the narrator’s struggles to make the concept easier to comprehend.
Woolf struggled with many problems in her life but showed great leadership to all woman. Many would not think someone who has struggled with mental disorders and suicide attempts can be a good role model, but to me someone who has struggles and still fights for what they believe in, is a true leader. Woolf wrote about difficulties woman writers face due to the image of men holding the upper-hand or educational drawbacks her being a woman, and showed great example to those who didn’t think they couldn’t write, or go to college could if they really wanted to.
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