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Both Virginia Woolf and Annie Dillard are extremely gifted writers. Virginia Woolf in 1942 wrote an essay called The Death of the Moth. Annie Dillard later on in 1976 wrote an essay that was similar in the name called The Death of a Moth and even had similar context. The two authors wrote powerful texts expressing their perspectives on the topic of life and death. They both had similar techniques but used them to develop completely different views. Each of the two authors incorporate in their text a unique way of adding their personal experience in their essay as they describe a specific occasion, time, and memory of their lives. Woolf’s personal experience begins with “it was a pleasant morning, mid-September, mild, benignant, yet with a keener breath than that of the summer months” (Woolf, 1). Annie Dillard personal experience begins with “two summers ago, I was camping alone in the blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia” (Dillard, 1). Including personal experience allowed Virginia Woolf to give her own enjoyable, fulfilling and understandable perception of life and death. Likewise, Annie Dillard used the personal narrative to focus on life but specifically on the life of death. To explore the power of life and death Virginia Woolf uses literary tools such as metaphors and imagery, along with a specific style and structure of writing in a conversational way to create an emotional tone and connect with her reader the value of life, but ultimately accepting death through the relationship of a moth and a human. While Annie Dillard on the other hand uses the same exact literary tools along with a specific style and similar structure to create a completely different perspective on just death, expressing that death is how it comes. ...

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In conclusion, in the two texts you can easily see the similarity in the theme. The two texts also have many of the same literary techniques. Virginia Woolf’s reason for writing about life and death through a moth is to stress the significance to value life but ultimately being able to accept death. The relationship between the insignificant life of a moth is being compared to the majorly important life of a human. She structured her text in a way that was easy to follow and often switched up the style of the text to create a different mood. Annie Dillard’s text was more descriptive. She used great figurative language to help the reader paint visuals. She structured her text to link the end to the beginning. Annie Dillard’s reason for re-writing this text was to express death not the value of life but that death will come, and it is what it is.

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