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545 words

Throughout Virginia Woolf’s writings, she describes two different dinners: one at a men’s college, and another at a women’s college. Using multiple devices, Woolf expresses her opinion of the inequality between men and women within these two passages. She also uses a narrative style to express her opinions even more throughout the passages.
One of the most prominent rhetorical devices Virginia Woolf uses throughout both pieces is imagery. She uses imagery in order to make the ideas and situations become more personal. An even more important way she used imagery was to express the differenced throughout her experiences at both colleges. In the first passage with the men’s college, Woolf uses very descriptive and colorful imagery to describe her surroundings. Describing the “soles, sunk in a deep dish…spread on a counterpane of the whitest cream…” and the wineglasses “flushed yellow and flushed crimson,” the author shows the lavish style that those in the men’s college lived in. With her second piece, Woolf described the place as plain, describing the food as very normal and borin...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how woolf uses multiple devices to express her opinion of the inequality between men and women in her writings.
  • Analyzes how virginia woolf uses imagery to make her ideas and situations more personal and express the difference throughout her experiences at both colleges.
  • Analyzes how woolf uses diction and tone to change the mood of the piece in order to properly describe the atmosphere.
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