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1. Introduction: Singapore Tourism industry
Tourism in Singapore is regarded as a core industry and vital to the government’s economic diversification strategy. It is also a channel for communicating conceptions of nationhood founded on ethnic harmony and a vehicle through which the country’s leaders can assert their competence to audiences at home and overseas.
Expansion of inbound tourism has been facilitated by official plans intended to broaden the Singapore’s appeal, centred on the creation and continue its improvement of attraction and international communications. A tourism development funds aim to foster infrastructure and product development, strengthen the industry capability and attract “iconic” or major event. Such as hotel, retail and leisure facilities.
Likewise, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) oversees tourism planning, development and marketing as well as economic sectors have mutated into a key driven of economic growth and tourism development are thus contributing economically significant to Singapore Gross domestic Products (GDP). This has shown that focusing on the tourism industry is the right choice.

2. Impact Of Tourism Industry In Singapore
Tourism industry growth has been a major booster to increased economic activity throughout Singapore and the world. Visitors or tourists contribute to sales, profits, jobs, tax revenues, and income to the country. Hence, it is often cited to capture primary and secondary effects of tourism spending.
In consequence of the multiplier effect, small changes in government spending can create much larger changes in total turn- out. The positive facet of the multiplier effect is that macroeconomic can influence substantial improvements with relatively less amounts of i...

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...egion’s attractions, will result in the future enhancement of Singapore’s attractiveness to visitors who are exploring the Asia-Pacific region.
The key effect of Singaporean tourism expansion on GDP and employment results from the service industry and potential output. Firstly, the service industry is very significant in the Singapore economy as it holds an accounting of 66% of GDP. Thus, stabilising influence to the extent of welfare benefits. Second, tourism has significant backward linkage, meaning that an increase in the tourism expansion has great potential to expand output which correlated to the tourism industry. (Rupa, 2009, p. 128-129).
Tourism is an important economic activity in Singapore. The Singapore’s government is thus must give an obligation to its tourism in order to facilitate development, international tourism and a sustainable economic growth.
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