Essay On The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a major war that occurred from 1959 to 1975 partially as a result from the Geneva Accords between the ARVN, lead by the Ho Chi Minh, and the NVA. This war started when the U.S wanted to prevent the spread of communism in Vietnam with the help of South Vietnam. In other words, the U.S government wanted to prevent a domino effect of communism that would spread to many neighboring countries. However, the public did not agree with the government and there were many protests across the U.S. After the Vietnam War ended, both the U.S and Vietnam were distraught by all the anarchy that occurred during the 16 years of war. Many foreign relations were cut in half, politics in both America and Vietnam were changed, the people of both countries were changed forever, and economies were crippled as a result from the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the cause of multiple causalities in both America and Vietnam. For example, according to “The Costs of The Vietnam War”, as many as 58,000 American troops were killed, about 150,000 troops were injured, and about 1,600 troops were missing. On the other hand, about 660,000 people from South Vietnam were killed and about 1,550,000 people for North Vietnam were killed. This shows the amount of bloodbath that occurred from this single war. North Vietnam had so many causalities it was about the same amount of 1.5% of Vietnam’s (As a Whole) population today. Therefore, showing that the Vietnam War devastated Vietnam’s population. Furthermore, there were many other costs to the Vietnam War. Some of these costs come from the cost of weapons, transportation, and supplies. America spent about $111 billion dollars during the war to pay for these needs. $111 billion dollars was worth muc... ... middle of paper ... through concentration camps and reeducation. It changed the way many southern Vietnamese thought about communism. Therefore, the Vietnam War impacted both Vietnam and America socially. For example in Vietnam, people were deformed because of Agent Orange, and people were reeducated as a result of the Vietnam War, in turn, changing the way they viewed communism. In America, Vietnam War Veterans were shunned upon; Vietnam Veterans took drugs, and were homeless. To conclude, the Vietnam War impacted the United States of America and Vietnam after the war. It changed the political arena, society, and foreign relations. This shows how the Vietnam War was a war that played a major part in the development of United States and the Vietnam War. To sum up, if it weren’t for the Vietnam War many of the world’s issues today would not be here, such as the issues with Russia.

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