Essay On The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Civil War

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The Civil War broke out soon after a collection of eleven southern states left the Union to form their own country, and preserve their way of life. These states proudly named themselves the Confederacy. Of course, the war ended badly for the Confederacy, it was destroyed, and slavery was abolished. The real question is, why did it take so long and have such high costs, especially when the country had expected a quick victory? Despite how it looked, the North did not have all the advantages. The North and South shared political, economic, social and military strengths, along with weaknesses. Even before the Civil War was thought about, the North and South were on two very opposite poles when it came to politics. In the start of the 1800s, many Northerners joined the Whig Party, while Southerners leaned …show more content…

By 1855, the Whig Party had collapsed, and most of the members joined the new popular party, the Republicans. The Democrats believed in slavery, while the Republicans were against it. This led to greater conflict in the North and South, this gave them competition. In fact, the election of 1860 was a major cause of the Civil War. During this election, Lincoln became the first Republican president, vowing to abolish slavery. Lincoln winning presidency gave the South a huge disadvantage, slavery was vital to the Southern economy, so this posed a great threat to the South. Immediately after the election, seven southern states seceded from the Union to form a new nation called the Confederate States of America. Lincoln, of course, attempted to avoid disunion, but failed miserably. Therefore, within the first months of his presidency, the Nation was engaged in war. Lincoln then lead the Union to victory, and abolished slavery in America. Lincoln

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