Essay On Tennis

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To: Aspiring Tennis Players
From: Boris Ntembe
Subject: How to serve a tennis ball
Date: April 9, 2014

Quite a lot of people have witnessed a tennis game, whether in person or on TV. Although often depicted by foreigners of the game as being “an easy sport”, Tennis on the contrary, requires quite a bit of technique and skill to even begin the game. Every point in this game begins with a serve, so if anyone was to hold their own on the court, they would at least be required to begin by learning to serve. In this document, I will be explaining the different techniques and postures necessary to successfully complete a serve and hopefully ace your opponent.

Getting In Position
The following instructions apply to right-handed players as well as left-handed players with the slight adjustment in the use of opposite hands and feet. Before you begin to serve the ball, you would have to stand behind the baseline, on the opposite side of the service box. If you are serving towards your opponent’s right service box, you should be standing on the right side of your court. ...
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