How Technology Will Affect Future Jobs

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“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man” (Hubbard 151). Elbert Hubbard, an American writer and the founder of Roycroft Artisan community, predicted the future with his epigram. His maxim would resonate for years to come and would be seen in the future job markets. For thousands of years, technology has fundamentally changed the way we live and interact with our environment. It has brought us from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution. It has taken us from the creation of the computer to the landing on the moon. Not only has technology affected the old, but also it has affected the youth. For the old and aged, modern technological innovations have brought about longer lives through medicine and other health care. People today are able to live longer, live stronger, and live happier. As for the youth and growing generations, technology has also affected them in various ways. From entertainment to education, technology has designed a generation that could never have been before imagined. But technology has not stopped there; it also has affected their future. From what careers they will pursue to how much they will earn, technology will play a big role. With the rise of new machines and equipment, thousands of jobs will be created that will range from ones that involve handling the machinery to ones that cannot be done by machinery. However on the other hand, new technology also takes away thousands of other jobs from society. As businesses look for ways to maker bigger profits, they will start replacing workers with machinery that could do the job faster and better. While the amount of unemployed may increase due to the advancement of technology, there will also b... ... middle of paper ... ...N THE YEAR 2016: THE 30 FASTEST-GROWING JOBS." The New York Times. Web. 13 Feb. 2014 Clark, Hannah. " Fastest-Growing Jobs". Forbes Online. 9 March 2012. Web. 30 January 2014. CNN. "Best Jobs in America 2013." CNN Money. 12 Nov. 2013. Web. 13 Feb. 2014. Gobry, Pascal-Emmanuel. "The Jobs Of The Future Don't Require A College Degree". Forbes Online. 7 May 2013. Web. Hess, Alexander E.M. “10 fastest-growing jobs in the USA”. USA Today Online. 2 Sept. 2013. Online. Hubbard, Elbert. A Thousand and One Epigrams. New York: Roycrofters, 1911. Print. Langley, Jack M. Personal Interview. 11 Feb. 2014 Patel, Kunal. Personal interview. 15 Feb. 2014. Simon, Cecilia Capuzzi. “Top 10 List: Where the Jobs Are.” New York Times Online. 13 April 2011. Online. Tuttle, Brad. “Steadiest, Fastest-Growing Jobs: Service Gigs That Pay Poorly”. Time Online. 6 July 2012. Web.
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