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Education is closely associated in determining a person’s life chances. Socioeconomic status (SES) plays a critical part in higher education today in America. Socioeconomic status (SES) refers to the ranking based on occupation, income and other social components like education. The inequality in college enrollments and degree completion has been a major concern in our society. The students’ SES seems to actuate the opportunities and the achievement they will fulfill in postsecondary school. Sociologists tend to acknowledge that social course is still an important aspect in today’s society. Also, it affects our life chances and choices. Education contributes to income attainment and occupational prestige. Moreover, there is an inequality between men and women from contrasting social backgrounds in terms of education, particularly in college. Education serves as a ladder to success and social mobility.
In America, students from low socioeconomic status (SES) families have always been a part of the nation’s higher education and are few in number. Socioeconomic status has crucial effects on students and their performance in college. The subject of SES and how it affects college education has been debated for decades. The social ranking is parallel to whether one will succeed in college. SES insinuates more immense impact on low SES students than high SES students.
Low SES students are deprived in schools due to the lack of academic environment and limit their chances of academic success in school. Those circumstances cause low SES schools to be low compliant and impose the notion that only determined and flexible students can avoid low academic achievement. Low SES students are said to be “similarly u...

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...and men.
Mention history of gender inequality: how history affect our society.
“Let’s not forget about the history of Women’s Rights. Women are not mentioned in the Constitution… There are natural differences in men and women; Women are viewed weaker and are expected to stay home, take care of the family.
Also, might want to squeeze in a little detail about the role of Economics in our society.

Accomplishment in college of students from different socioeconomic background varies. If the social deprivation decreases, low SES students should have similar experiences and accomplishments. Social backgrounds continue to negatively affect their college achievement if low SES students have different outcomes or lower achievements (Walpole 2003). Different opportunities are brought about by differences of resources and status (Linkon 2008).

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