Each Individual is Different

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Each Individual is Different

Society, schools, and students are becoming increasingly diverse every day. We have put people into space and on the moon because of major discoveries in science and technology. We have come from making computers that were so large only one could be put in a single room, to making them small enough to hold in our lap. Being a teacher is just as hard as being a scientist. A teacher in today’s classroom must be able to prepare our students for the ever-changing world and teach them how to survive in it. They must be able to teach students a basic curriculum, hot to use and expand that curriculum, and show them how it will be relevant in their every day life. Every day brings a new change and a successful teacher must be ready to accept these changes and bring them into the classroom.

I am a soul believer in progressivism. I believe that when John Dewey taught that we are social animals who learn well through increases when we are engaged in activities that interest us, he was not just talking about classrooms in his time, but classrooms in the future as well. Students must be taken beyond the basic curriculum and be allowed to expand their knowledge through their own interests. Students need to be respected for their own individuality. No two people can learn the same way and most students have their own strategy of learning. Teachers need to be able to recognize that sometimes a student can only learn in one fashion and in that fashion alone. This is why we must compensate for every student in the classroom to bring a variety of teaching styles to be sure to include every student.

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...lti curriculum, such as instruction in vocational technologies. A multi curriculum gives us a chance to arouse curiosity and push our students to a higher level of knowledge that is most relevant to each individual’s life.

Today’s classrooms are more diverse than ever. A teacher must know that each student is different and possesses various learning and working skills. As a future teacher who is aware of this need for individuality, I plan to bring a progressivism philosophy to my classroom. I want to encourage all my students to learn and this can only be done through a variety of teaching techniques. I not only want to prepare my students for the future, but encourage them to expand their knowledge everyday after they finish school as well. By preparing my students for the future, I will be preparing them for a life-long learning experience.

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