Understanding Packed Distillation Column: Design and Operation

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1. Explain in detail about the design and operation of packed distillation column, giving its design equations in terms of NTU and HTU.
Packed distillation column is where miscible liquids are separate accordicaly to physical, specifically or volatilities of the compounds. Liquids can categories as volatile when it vaporized in low temperature. The more boiling of volatile compounds of mixture through the distillation process if the vapor is cooler the volatile material condenses in a proper proportion than less volatile compounds. Packed distillation column gives a situation where the gas and liquid phases of each material can approach the equilibrium level. A column can have packing or trays, in this columns increase in surface areas can …show more content…

Explain in detail about the principle and working mechanism of packed bed absorption column, on gas liquid equilibrium with a neat diagram.
A typical packed bed is a cylindrical column that is overflowing with a fit packing material. The liquid is circulated as consistently as possible at the top of the column and flows downward, wetting the packing material. The gas is admitting at the bottom, and flows upward, contacting the liquid in a countercurrent direction. An example of a packed bed is an absorber .Besides that, the gas consists of some carrier species that is unsolvable in the liquid (such as air) and a soluble variety such as carbon dioxide or ammonia. The soluble species is absorbed in the liquid, and the lean gas leaves the column at the top. The liquid rich in the soluble species is taken out at the …show more content…

Centrifugal contractor utilize a spinning rotor that extremely mixes the two phases and that two phases inside the rotor where the centrifugal forces can be high resulting in efficient and fast phase separation. The separated phases exit the contractor by overflow and underflow weirs similar to a mixer settler. Centrifugal contactors used when a process required short residences and they require a small facility footprint, and minimal headspace, but do require remote maintenance capability, for periodic removal of the motor and/or rotor.
4. Discuss about the design calculation for the number of ideal stages by Ponchon-Savarit method
Ponchon savarit method have 6 main steps that is;
 Sketch a equilibrium curve and the enthalpy concentration figure for the mixture to be Divided
 Calculate the composition of the Xb,Xd,Xf set these three compositions on the enthalpy- Concentration figure
 Approximation the reflux rate for the separation and set the rectifying section difference point as ΔR. Point y1 is the intersection point of line joining point xD and ΔR and HV-y curve.
 Set the stripping section difference point Δs. The point Δs is to be set at a point where

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