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    Distillation I. Introduction The process of distillation has been used by humans for years to create alcoholic beverages. Distillation is the process of boiling a pair of liquids with different boiling points and then condensing the vapors above the boiling liquid in an attempt to separate them. One might suspect that the mixed two liquids of different boiling points could be separated simply by raising the temperature to the lower boiling point of the two liquids. However, this is not the

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    Distillation Abstract This report outlines the steps taken to separate a 50:50 by volume ethanol and isopropanol side stream. The resulting separation must contain no more than 3% alcohol impurity in each product. A laboratory column, run at total reflux, was utilized to scale up to a forty foot high by one foot diameter column. The laboratory column allowed the team to determine vapor velocities and HETP values for the 0.24 inch Pro-Pakq packing. HETP is defined as the height of packing divided

  • Steam Distillation Essay

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    Lab Report 1: Steam Distillation Introduction: The purpose of this experiment was to isolate eugenol or clove oil from cloves using steam distillation and determine whether it is an efficient way to carry out this experiment. Also, TLC and 1H NMR were preformed to analyze the purity of the isolated eugenol. Theory: Steam distillation uses boiling point to separate organic liquid and water. The organic compound must be immiscible with water, have a high vapor pressure at 100˚C, and may decompose before

  • Distillation In The Middle Ages

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    refined and popularized a technique that gave rise to a new range of drinks known as distillation. Dating back to the fourth millennium BCE, distillation has been found in northern mesopotamia where it was used as perfumes. However, the eighth century BCE was when distillation became important towards the advancement of civilization as the Arab scholar, Jabir ibn Hayyan, devised an improved form of distillation apparatus and applied it to wine, creating a liquid with far more alcohol content than

  • Distillation Lab Report

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    1.Synopsis The aim of this experiment is to gain operating experience of a distillation column from simple binary mixture of ethanol and water. During experiment distillation in both batch wise and continuous were investigated. For each mode, reflux ratio and power was manipulated to see the difference in results and analyze. Experimentally determined composition and material balance was compared with theoretically calculated ones, and generally similar values were obtained, although there were

  • Transactional Distillation Lab

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    Kourtney Millen Lab Partner: Romario Jashari TA: Christopher McKeithan Orgo 1 lab – Section 903 September 12, 2016 Simple and Fractional Distillation Introduction: The objective of this experiment was to use a common method of separation distillation. Distillation can be used in purifying or separating liquids, when the liquid if heated the more volatile component, the molecule with the lower boiling point, vaporizes and can be condensed. This type of separation will work efficiently when the

  • Yeast Distillation Lab Report

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    014 Fall 2016 Fermentation and Distillation Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to produce ethanol in an anaerobic-based environment through fermentation of yeast. After that, the solution made fro this will be further distilled to create a very high percentage solution of ethanol. Techniques and Reactions: • Ethanol Fermentation: the process of chemically breaking down bacteria/yeast in an anaerobic environment, which in turn releases CO2. • Distillation: the purification of an organic

  • Methyl Acetate Distillation Essay

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    raises the overall temperature of the liquid. Eventually, adding energy boosts the liquid’s vapor pressure until it equals the surrounding atmospheric pressure. When this occurs, the pure liquid boils at a temperature called the boiling point. Distillation uses the characteristic boiling points of pure liquids to separate these substances from a mixture. Once a pure liquid reaches its boiling point, it maintains this temperature as

  • Description and Function of a Distillation Column

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    Description and Function Distillation column utilities in a way such that a mixture is separated into its component by heating the mixture to a temperature in which one or more of its component will evaporate and then is condensed and collected[1]. Types of distillation columns: There are different types of distillation columns [2]:  Simple distillation column[12] Simple distillation is when a liquid is boiled and the vapor moves up through the column until it reaches the condenser and is cooled

  • Essay On Fractional Distillation

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    objective of the experiment Fractional Distillation and Gas Chromatography was to determine the organic liquids existent in 30 mL of an unknown mixture. This can be accomplished by fractional distillation. Distillation is a technique that allows one to separate liquids by boiling the liquids and which removes water from its impurities. Simple Distillation separates out a liquid/solid mixture. If the boiling point is greater than 40 degrees Celsius then simple distillation will be able to be used to separate

  • Simple Distillation Lab Report Discussion

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    Distillation is a process that separates two substances based on their boiling points. When the substances are heated in a flask, the substance with the lower boiling point will vaporize first, and therefore condense and turn into liquid first when cooled. The vapors of the substance travel through the 3 way adaptor and condense when they come into contact with the glass of the cool jack condenser, turning into a liquid and sliding down into the collection flask. The condenser is filled continuously

  • Simple Distillation Lab Report

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    contained resulting in a larger end product. The reason for using a distillation technique was to produce an individual component of the starting compound, here 1-propanol and 2-pentanol. Drying is a very important step because if the product is wet, it will have added incorrect water weight. Before drying, first the product must be separated from the organic layer. The reason for applying the reflux method over simple distillation is simply because the reflux is set up to return the condensed distillate

  • A Humorous Distillation of Antigone by Maurice Sagoff

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    A Humorous Distillation of Antigone by Maurice Sagoff This poem is quite successful in getting the plot across to the reader. Unfortunatly, that is all he can get across because of his beleif that, "inside every fat book is a skinny book trying to get out." Sargoff cannot have character descriptions, themes, or any real detail in his "skinny book" because of his beleifs. Sargoff leaves off why Polynices should not be burried and why his brother, who is not even menchoned, can be burried

  • Distillation Of Cyclohexane And Toluene Lab Report

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    Title: Distillation of Cyclohexane and Toluene Introduction: The experiment was conducted to show which type of distillation is the most accurate in separating the two liquids. Simple distillation results were compared to the different techniques of fractional distillation in order to show which was the most accurate in separating the liquids. Procedure: This experiment followed the directions present in the manual for the simple distillation method. 15 mL of the Cyclohexane and Toluene solution

  • Women Slaves in Rum Distillation and Domestic Roles

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    Women Slaves in Rum Distillation and Domestic Roles Women slaves were also employed in rum distillation and domestic roles. Much like mill-feeding, women basically ran the rum distillation operations from cleaning machines to lifting and distilling. They were trusted more so than men to do this job because owners believed that women would be less likely to steal the rum and drink it themselves. However, a negative aspect of being employed in rum distillation is that owners would often substitute

  • Fractional Distillation Lab Report

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    Fractional distillation is the separation of a liquid mixture into its different fractions; fractions are the different parts of a mixture. In this case we went through and boiled our mixture to find the plateau of the substances in the mixture. A plateau is a state of little to no change after a time of progress. We also used filtration by evaporation which is used to separate a soluble solid from a liquid. Throughout this investigation we watched for the characteristic properties and to check

  • Understanding Packed Distillation Column: Design and Operation

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    1. Explain in detail about the design and operation of packed distillation column, giving its design equations in terms of NTU and HTU. Packed distillation column is where miscible liquids are separate accordicaly to physical, specifically or volatilities of the compounds. Liquids can categories as volatile when it vaporized in low temperature. The more boiling of volatile compounds of mixture through the distillation process if the vapor is cooler the volatile material condenses in a proper proportion

  • Distillation Lab: Lab Analysis Of Organic Chemistry Lab

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    was a technique experiment in distillation, and its purpose was in the introduction of two types of distillation methods, although there are various other types. The main purpose of the lab was learning how to distinguish the appropriate time to use either of the distillation methods and learning how to interpret the analysis tools employed to determine the purity of a distillate. The first week of the unit separated acetone and ethanol via the fractional distillation method, while the second week

  • Fractional Distillation And Gas Chromatography Lab

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    Fractional Distillation and Gas Chromatography 6. Data and Results Reference Attached Pages 7. Discussion The purpose of this experiment was to identify the chemical constituents of an unknown solution and its ratio. The separation and purification of liquids can be done through 4 main methods: simple, fractional, steam, and vacuum distillation. For the purposes of this experiment, only fractional distillation was used. Fractional distillation, and other types of distillation, involves using

  • Essay On Filtration

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    paper ... ...ith ice water. The vacuum remains on to dry the aspirin. For it to be fully dry it may need to be left for a whole day. Distillation The purpose of distillation is to separate mixtures and purify liquids. A distillation experiment was carried out in the classroom to extract limonene from orange peel. (Zamcopter, 2014) The process of distillation starts with putting the orange into a blender. The stand and clamp are attached to the round bottom flash and the delivery tube. The now