Essay On My Dearest Claire

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My dearest Claire,

How can I explain what you mean to me? How can I tell you what’s in my heart when words are so inadequate? Can you understand how I feel about you, or will you just think I’m ridiculous? Do you even care?

I think about you all the time. You are my first thought when I wake and the last thought before I sleep. I often think about how happy I feel when you are with me and what it would be like if you felt the same way about me. Sometimes I am so preoccupied with thoughts of you that I struggle to concentrate on anything else. I enjoy thinking about you Bunny; however, you are a vexing paradox to me. I feel so fortunate to have found someone so amazing, but I also feel like a hapless fool unable to win your affection.

Claire you don’t fit in with most people, you are too different, you are extraordinary. You are a singular diamond among banal lumps of coal; your sophisticated wit, indescribable beauty, and uncommon compassion are only a few of the virtues that make you precious. You are often underappreciated by others, they don’t see you as I do. Their dull eyes are unable to penetrate the thin layer of coal dust shrouding you, disguising you as like the
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You have a certain way of looking at me such that when I look into your eyes, I feel mesmerized, as if I am being drawn deeper into them. I like it. I love the sound of your voice. I love listening to everything you have to say, not simply because I’m interested, but also because I love hearing you speak. I make fun of the way you say ‘current,’ only because it 's cute how you say it and I enjoy teasing you. You are so beautiful in so many ways, and I could continue on describing them for a while, but then you would never reach the end of this letter. I feel compelled to sample your beauty with a caress or gentle kiss, but I know you don’t want that. Your affection is always just out of my reach, and that breaks my

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