Muscle Sore Essay

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Muscle soreness can be described as the pain experienced by the muscles causing discomfort, usually after intense exercise and can last for a period of between 24 and 48 hours. Pain results due to strain and trauma on the muscle fibers.
Types of Muscle Soreness
Muscle soreness can be experienced in different degrees. The first degree of soreness can be described as acute muscle soreness. It is mostly experienced after long hours of exercise and can last up to 3 days with new athletes. It majorly results due to exercise thus muscle fibers are subjected to micro trauma and excess accumulation of lactic acid. This soreness shows muscle growth and adaptation to trauma. This soreness is overcome by continuous training until the body adapts to the training program. …show more content…

It is caused by excessive muscle lengthening. The muscles therefore do not shorten but lengthen as a result of an external force. It is experienced by a deep pain that prevent muscles from full contraction. It is mostly felt two days after an intense workout, mostly after a sporting activity (Mense, & Gerwin, 2010). It is mostly experienced by athletes training for the first time or on exerting strain on a body part during training which is out of the ordinary. For regular training athletes this pain will last a few days while for beginners as much as a week. To recover from this soreness it is advisable to exercise the body by undergoing a n active routine of recovery. This routine involves reducing the loads by 50% which therefore helps in restoring the contractions of the muscle and removal of lactic acid. sIt also facilitates more supply of blood into the affected area which brings the essential nutrients needed for repair of muscle and

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