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About 40,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers began migrating from Asia towards the Americas. As they migrated, they began to spread to South America as well as east across the Northern American Plains. As the years passed on, these peoples adapted to their new environment by forming governments, constructing buildings and shelters, and gathering different types of food. Sometimes, their location even aided in trading with other nearby-societies. These hunter-gatherers later developed into what they are known as today: The Maya, Inca, and Aztec tribes. In the early centuries A.D., the Mayan peoples began building their civilization in the center of Mesoamerica. This location allowed the Maya to conduct trade and exchange their local products. They also participated in the slash and burn method, however, evidence shows that they may have developed other methods such as planting on raised beds above swamps and on hillside terraces. Not only did location have an influence on agricultural life, it also had an influence on all other aspects of life. The Maya drew influence from a neighboring society, the Olmec. The Maya blended their customs with the Olmec to create a culturally diverse society. These Olmec customs had quite an influence on other aspects of the Maya society. The Maya had a polytheistic religion with gods of corn, death, rain, and war. These religious beliefs led to the development of calendars, astronomy, and mathematics. The Maya developed two types of calendars: religious and solar. The religious calendar was based on the belief that “time was a burden carried on the back of a God.” The solar calendar was based on the observations of the sun, planets, and moon. Unlike our calendar today, it was consisted of twenty-five da... ... middle of paper ... ...the religious capital, other cities had religious purposes as well. The Inca empire reached the height of its success during the ruling of Huayna Capac. Capac received an evil omen of butterflies while taking a tour of Ecuador and a few weeks later he died of disease. After his death, the empire was split by his sons: Atahualpa received about one-fifth of the empire and Huascar received the rest. A bitter civil war followed after this misunderstandings and the empire declined. These three complex societies of Northern America have made quite the influence on other parts of the world. They were no great empires but they left ruins as spectacular as those of Ancient Mexico or Peru. These complex societies were able to establish empires of trade, tradition, and government as quickly as they declined. Nevertheless, they are an important part of our world history today.

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  • Explains that hunter-gatherers began migrating from asia towards the americas 40,000 years ago. they adapted to their new environment by forming governments, building buildings, and gathering different types of food.
  • Explains that the maya built their civilization in the center of mesoamerica. they had a polytheistic religion with gods of corn, death, rain, and war.
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