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Survival Guide: Managing Stress in College Transitioning from high school to college is a major stepping-stone in one’s life. You separate from the people you have grown up with. You might move away from home. You learn to rely on yourself. You have to make new friends. You have to adapt to your new environment. Bottom line is, every aspect of college can be stressful. It is difficult to not break down under stress. Everyone encounters stress. The key thing is to learn to control and minimize the negative stressors. In order to confront stressors, you must first understand what stress is. It is beneficial to understand your body, how it reacts to stress, and what causes you to be stressed. What is stress? “Stress” is a very broad term. There is no specific definition of what classifies as a stressor; it varies for every person. What may be stressful for one student may be a sense of relaxation for another student. For example, student A may be terrified of public speaking. Just thinking about presenting in front of an audience stresses her out. On the other hand, student B may love to speak in front of people. Stress is a physical reaction to stressors, which can be someone or something that threatens your internal balance. Stress can be positive and negative. Stress is like a warning signal; it is your body’s way of telling you that you could be in trouble. If you feel threatened by an external stimulus, your body stimulates your fight-or-flight response. Your body will get your adrenaline flowing, increase your blood pressure, intensify your breathing, etc. Stress also serves as a warning signal that makes you more alert and focused. If you have an essay due tomorrow morning, stress can push you to concentrate and finish... ... middle of paper ... ...eate a schedule or use a planner. You should write out due dates for assignments and exam dates. With so much on your plate, you could easily forget to do something. Within your planner, you should prioritize what you need completed first. Is going to the movies with your friend tonight more important as the essay due at midnight? Could you go with them another time? Part of prioritizing is asking yourself what is more vital to finish. If you ever find yourself frustrated and stressed, pause what you are doing. As simple as these activities may sound, they can help a lot when you are mentally torn. • Take deep breathes; it relieves some of the tension. It will allow you to think clearly without feeling all the pressures. • Step outside your room. Take a break from your work, and visit the outdoors. Take a walk, get a breath of fresh air, or go for a jog.

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