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Question one Macro environment is a term that describes the full group of factors that effect and organization from outside of its frame of work. These factors affect every company on how it operates and manages its decisions, like gross domestic product , inflation , employment , spending , monetary and fiscal policy. I have chosen HSBC Bank Egypt to study and provide a critical analysis of its macro environment. Egypt has been a shaky ground for almost all bankers but apparently HSBC has successfully and was best at managing its macro environment through the pas years as I have discovered in the library as follows : Global Banking News - 06 February 2013 HSBC Bank Egypt (LSE: HSBA) has won the bank of the year award for 2012. The Banker Magazine conferred the award. Andrew Long, deputy chairman and CEO of HSBC Bank Egypt, said, 'It gives us great pride to be recognized as the 'Bank of the Year' in Egypt by one of the world's leading financial publications. This recognition is a testament to the strong management, effective teamwork and prudent risk approach and strategy of HSBC in Egypt. This helps to position Egypt as one of the top 20 priority markets for the HSBC Group which continues to seek opportunities to grow and expand its business in the Egyptian market.' during the past years Egypt has been a turmoil of an environment. Analysis the elements of Any organization’s macro atmosphere and provides an example for every element of a current major operational amendment or business trend”. Macro Environment: The factors outside of the business that influence the survival of the company; these factors aren't directly manageable by the organization.) elements of the Marco Environment: There are six (6) major elements of that... ... middle of paper ..., has skyrocketed over the past year and with smart phones before long to be omnipresent across all generations, the forecasts regarding the tip of standard branch banking not look thus far-fetched. once Labor talks of calling it off the banks to extend competition and let new challengers into the marketplace, it risks fighting yesterday's battles. So introducing all the new technologies used in other industries will help the HSBC to have a one step edge on other banks , new apps , easier access , better software that drives all machines in the bank ,making life easier also will attract all people who wish for the best expriance available in the market, also will help the bank itself better see and organize more plans for the future and supervise the industry of banking. In the end it will put the bank in favor of the eyes of the users and give the superior edge

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