Essay On Leonardo Da Vinci

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The paintings of Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are some of, if not, the most iconic artistic creations in history. The artist responsible for these famous paintings is said by many to be the greatest painter in the entire history of art. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1517) is most well-known for his artistic ability in painting and sculpture, however, there is still a great deal about him that is often over-looked. Contained in the notebooks Da Vinci left to be discovered are detailed notes and diagrams on engineering, hydraulics, and astronomy just to name a few. Included in these notebooks are scientific discoveries and inventions for military warfare, which were centuries before his time. Had the writings of Leonardo Da Vinci been prioritized…show more content…
As a boy, Leonardo apprenticed with Florence artist Andrea del Verrocchio, and it was evident early on Da Vinci favored drawing. However, he was curious, and witty, enough to pursue a great deal more. It is noted by Vasari that Leonardo as a boy would often stump his teachers with questions about subjects he was only just introduced to. In the compiled notebooks of Da Vinci, it is evident he held many titles during his lifetime: “… painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, anatomist… botanist, zoologist, physicist, physical geographer, set designer, [and] costume maker”. Though he did many things, Leonardo favored art: “[w]hat is fair in men passes away, but not so in art.” As an inventor, he produced a variety of military machine designs, such as, what would be considered today an armored tank, for his wealthy, secular patrons. Da Vinci also worked near Michelangelo and Raphael , and he met Niccolò Machiavelli, a young and soon to be famous writer. Da Vinci was surrounded by intellectual minds and artistic individuals throughout his…show more content…
Even for someone to copy his drawings by hand might not have been considered accurate, or legitimate, because of his complex mathematical equations and extreme attention to detail. Also, it is commonly known Da Vinci was left-handed and wrote backwards in his journals, probably because it was easier for him. However, had the inventions in his notebooks been discovered sooner, then life today would be more advanced.
Despite the latency of scholars, it is undeniable that Da Vinci made inventions and scientific discoveries before anyone else. Amazingly, Leonardo conceptualized parabolic trajectory before Galileo, who lays claim to this scientific discovery. Despite this, “…his ideas had almost no impact on the development of scientific thought…” It is a shame his genius was not discovered before the rest of humanity could compete at the same level centuries
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