Stalin And Napoleon In Animal Farm

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After Stalin and Napoleon rid of competition (Trotsky and Snowball), they manipulate the media and fundamentally re-write history to portray Trotsky and Snowball as the common enemy to provoke a negative union among the public. This leads to the Great Purge from 1936 to 1938. Innocent people we forced to publically confess of crimes they did not commit. Stalin had the NKVD execute anyone that posed as a threat or spoke out against his leadership, thus eliminating free speech. In 1928, Stalin wanted to adjust the agricultural system by producing crops on a larger farm rather than small individual farms. In theory, this would produce more crops but in fact, did the complete opposite and caused a widespread famine from 1931 to 1932. When this…show more content…
Like Stalin, Napoleon’s agricultural involvement leads to starvation. In the same way, Napoleon works to "conceal this fact from the outside world"(Orwell 29). Appearing for a brief time in Animal Farm, Snowball represents Trotsky, the Marxist revolutionary and Lenin’s right hand man. After the death of Lenin, Trotsky was eligible to succeed Lenin and was “the favorite candidate because he was best known” (English). Able to execute brilliant speeches, Trotsky proved to be an undoubtedly promising candidate that, Unlike Stalin, showed concern for the future of the Soviet Union and longed to spread the Revolution to other nations. Likewise, Snowball’s intentions are pure and for the benefit of the working class. Both Trotsky and Snowball demonstrate great determination to further the prosperity of…show more content…
Mr. Frederick (as Adolf Hitler) wishes to purchase timber from Napoleon. To push Mr. Frederick to raise his wage, Napoleon threatens to sell the timber to Mr. Pilkington (representing France and Britain). After the transaction, it is revealed that Frederick has used fake money to buy the timber. Orwell illustrates this situation to reference to the non-aggression pact in 1939. Stalin and Hitler are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Hitler is extremely right wing which leaves Stalin on the far left of the political compass (Political Compass Team). Because of this difference of placement on the political compass, Hitler and Stalin “stunned the world by announcing that they had concluded a non-aggression pact, committing themselves not to aid each other 's enemies or to engage in hostile acts against one another”(Evans). Stalin signs this pact after betraying an anti-Germany alliance with France and Britain. Representing Mr. Frederick’s fake money, Hitler breaks this pact and sends millions of troops to attack the Soviet

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