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How Intolerance has Been an Issue in Canada Since 1914

Intolerance: unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, behavior, or other physical differences from one’s self. Intolerance is an issue that has grown throughout history and effects every part of the world. Canada specifically has had a dark past when it comes to intolerance. Sydney J. Harris, a famous American journalist once said “Intolerance is the most socially acceptable form of egotism, for it permits us to assume superiority without personal boasting.” This is a very accurate description of intolerance in Canada because of the horrible conditions non-Canadians had to undergo. Canada has been intolerant to both immigrants and Aboriginals since 1914 and it continues to be an issue …show more content…

Aboriginal people because of their skin colour were not considered people until 1929. Not being considered a person meant that you had no rights, could not vote and often had to carry an identity card and report to people whenever leaving a reserve. Aboriginals were also prohibited to be a part of the Canadian forces. Although it is not one of the best jobs it was unfair to deny aboriginal Canadians the option to pursue a military career and fight for their country if they so please. Not only did we deprive aboriginals of basic rights and privileges but we also attempted to force them into our customs with residential schools. Residential schools separated all aboriginals from white people and attempted to stripe them of their culter. Upon arrival aboriginals would be banned to talk their aboriginal language and would have to deal with poor conditions such as being forced to eat rotten food, over crowded areas and often sexual abuse. 17,000 students were enrolled in residential schools across Canada with an average death rate of 42% of students. If we were able to treat our own people with such cruelty and disgrace how are we expected to treat others

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  • Explains that intolerance is an issue that has grown throughout history and effects every part of the world. canada has been intolerant to both immigrants and aboriginals since 1914.
  • Explains that immigration is often due to dissatisfaction in one's life or lack of work, since 1914 canadians have shown a fierce intolerance towards immigration.
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