Essay On Intimate Partner Violence

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What is Intimate Partner Violence?
Historically, intimate partner violence was also known as domestic violence. Both terms describes physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse. This type of violence can occur among heterosexual or same-sex couples and does not require sexual intimacy (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Individual, relationship, community, and societal factors contribute to intimate family violence (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Violence by an intimate partner is linked to short-term and long-term health, social, and economic consequences. Preventing intimate partner violence requires reaching a clear understanding of those factors, coordinating resources, and fostering and initiating change in individuals, families, and society.
The Center of Disease Control highlights the corresponding injuries and violence prevention topics through the division of intimate partner violence into four main types, which are physical, sexual, threats of physical or sexual, and psychological or emotional. Physical violence includes the purposeful use of physical force such as shoving, choking, shaking, slapping, punching, burning that results in physical harm, disability, or even death (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Sexual violence is forcing a partner to take part in a sex act when the partner does not consent. Threats of physical and sexual harm communicate the intent to cause death, disability, injury, or physical harm through the use of words, gestures, or weapons. “Psychological or emotional violence traumatizes the victim by acts, threats of acts, or coercive tactics” (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). This method can be induced thr...

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...court of law, Marcia’s actions may be resulted from provocation by the continuous intimate partner abuse, which should result in reduced charges from murder to voluntary manslaughter.
My Concluding Thoughts
It seems unfair that Marcia should be charged with anything at all. When she finally stood up for herself she took extreme measures to ensure Mitchell would never hurt her again. Her actions are deemed excessive, however she did what she thought was necessary to protect herself from further harm. Unfortunately the route Marcia took to put an end to her domestic violence is not supported by the law and therefore results in enforcement of the law. I personally feel this domestic violence case results in an unfortunate cascade of events. I feel this case emphasizes the significance of intervention in domestic violence cases to prevent and reduce extreme outcomes.
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