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Many people want to play golf as a professional golfer. The road to being a top golfer can be long, with years of hard work. To be a professional golfer, you need to hand a very low handicap golfer or a scratch golfer. Compete in local amateur golf tournaments. If you are competitive in these tournaments, begin playing state level amateur tournaments. Next you will have to compete in mini-tour events, you can play in mini-tour events as an amateur or you can declare yourself a professional golfer. If you play as an amateur, you cannot accept any money that you win. If you get this far you will compete in the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament. This tournament is also commonly known as Q-school or Qualifying School. There is a pre-qualifying round and three stages in this tournament. If a golfer makes it to the final round of the tournament and does not qualify for a PGA Tour card, he is eligible for the Nationwide Tour. The top 25 golfers in the final stage earn PGA Tour cards. The Tour is the developmental tour for the PGA Tour, and features professional golfers who ...

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