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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Definition of Globalization “Globalization describes an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a network of communication and execution” (Afzal, 2010). 1.2 Globalization trends in the Contemporary Era The process of international unification emerge when the views of people, their products or ideas and other particular feature of cultural of soci-economic development take place, including development of infrastructure and transportation, capital flows, investments in other countries to foster bilateral relations, migration to other countries takes place to explore better opportunities for education or career development take place. Globalization is not something that was pre planned or generated or initiated on purpose, its rather an historical process that started before 1900s , during the time of ancient civilization, it was a slow process in the beginning but then later it gained momentum after industrial revolution in 19th century, and after 20th century ,world started contracting when world's economies and cultures grew very quickly that brought people, countries ,nations worldwide to interact with each other more closely through increase in Modern communication, Transportation, Migration trends, technological advancement, Media(Mass Media) & through increase in trade of goods and services along with financial flows among countries. (O’Rourke &Williamson, 1999). Migration occur when people of one country cross their countries boundary and start living in host country for some time, it could be permanent or temporary in order to explore better opportunities, which could be of socio- economic or demographic in nature like, to acquire educ... ... middle of paper ... ...y that, this is one of the reason why extremism is at its peak in Pakistan. They want to fight for their rights and are making strategies to safeguard their interests. So when these two civilization works or stay at the same education platform, its’ obvious conflict and chaos would occur between them. Same is the case that happens with Pakistani students studying in foreign universities, whenever they are being criticized because of their culture or if their religious sentiments are hurt they get aggressive and start to fight back. Sometimes Religious sentiments of Muslim students are deliberately hurt just to see their reaction, or others would just be curious about Muslim. Such situation is hard to deal with for students who have gone to abroad or have been living in abroad just to have a better future but are facing such consequences in return. (siddiqui, 2012).

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