Globalization Essay

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Globalization can be defined as the global economy coming together in many ways to create unique products, and services and other things. But what exactly does this mean? The initial thought would be that globalization is good. However, I believe globalization is the leading cause of the increased gap between the rich and the poor, and diminished the middle class. Globalization simply allows the cycle of the rich developed countries exploiting poor countries for labor and resources. Globalization has both positive and negative effects on everyone however, unfortunately the bad has outweighed the good. Sidney Mintz, an anthropologist, who studied sugar in the modern globalized market discusses Globalization in the Article we reviewed this semester. Mintz’s analysis of the effects sugar has had on the modern economy and the impact global trade had on national economies to changed social norms and behavior is a key factor in why I believe that this was the first time anything was actually globalized in history. Sugar was one of the first products to successfully be available globally, which opened doors for other things such as, cotton, bread, corn, and other spices. Mintz says, “The track sugar has left in modern history is one involving masses of people and resources, thrown into productive combination by social, economic, and political forces…”(p.211.) This started a trend of products being produced to serve the entire world. Many people are push out of their jobs by big corporations because small business in rural areas of the globe cannot compete with production of these products. This contributes to the ongoing cycle of poverty and increases the gap between the rich and poor. Those who are left unemployed have no means to... ... middle of paper ... ...s are being over shadowed due to globalization. Although we all enjoy the advantages that globalization has made way for, we cannot disregard the negative effects it has had on the world. It’s easy to understand how businesses may benefit from a global market in some ways, but to me it is far more important that jobs not be loss as a result of globalization. Many different factors contribute to the exploitation of developing countries and has caused many issues for them economically. In spite of the fact that free trade increases opportunities for trade internationally, it also increases the risk of failing for small companies in undeveloped countries that cannot compete on an international level. I cannot definitively say that globalization itself is completely good or completely bad, however I do believe it has caused great losses for the poor and middle class.

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