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Is global warming in America really a big deal? What can Americans do to reverse the increase in earth’s temperature? In the last 50 years, evidence of global warming in the United States has been on a sharp incline. In data taken from a graph in “Climate Change,” in 1950 the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere was 320 parts per million. The graph shows further that this number had steadily grown to close to 400 parts per million. So what causes global warming? Global warming is caused by gases in the atmosphere, mostly carbon dioxide, trapping heat between the atmosphere and the surface, creating a greenhouse effect. Contrary to popular opinion, global warming is not something that just happens without any consequences. Consequences of …show more content…

One way to “go green” is to use mass transit or ride a bicycle more often as cars are one of the main culprits in carbon dioxide emissions. By leaving the car in park and taking a bus or riding a bike just once a week can significantly cut down on emissions from American’s cars. Other ways to “go green” include planting trees and stopping deforestation. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide that causes global warming, but thousands of trees are harvested every day all across the country. According to “Solutions,” “Taken together, tropical deforestation and emissions from agriculture represent nearly 30% or the world’s heat-trapping emissions.” In this quote, the writer explains that nearly one-third of the carbon dioxide is from deforestation combined with agricultural emissions. Americans need to reverse this problem; Americans should cut down on deforestation and plant more trees! Another way to “go green” is to spread the word. One single American cannot reverse global warming. All Americans must take up the calling to stop global warming in America. Americans must spread the word to not only their fellow Americans, but also to the rest of the world. To lead in a global effort to stop global warming, Americans must “go green” to prevent the catastrophic consequences of global

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