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Complete Family Health History Questionnaire Discuss your parents and siblings eating habits and physical activity Mother: My mother has the best eating habits out of the entire family. She tends to avoid eating dessert or anything with excessive amount of sugar. Whenever she snacks, she tends to choose fruits or vegetables. Most of what she eats is either organic, or comes from local farms. The activities she does throughout the day are often not stationary, I often don’t see her sitting down. She also leaves time every day for physical activities (which changes depending on the season, but is usually cardio or something that can easily be done in a small space). Father: My father used to be the one who consumed the most soda out of…show more content…
Since he learned to cook, his meals have been much more healthy, though occasionally he does make a microwavable burrito or something along those lines. Over the past few years he has been the most active member of the family, he played college tennis for a year, then moving on the college cross country. Like my dad he trained for and participated in many triathlons. Now that he has graduated and has a job, he exercises less often than he did before. Older sister: She has adjusted very well to eating and exercising while balancing having a job and a social life. She tends to do almost all of her shopping at Whole Foods, which in generally is a much healthier option than other grocery stores. The meals that I have seen her make have been both extremely balanced while being very tasty. She also makes time to go to the gym every day after work, doing a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Overall, it is because of my mother that my family has relatively healthy eating habits because she is the one who decides to buy healthy food. She also searches for and cooks healthy, balanced meals. We have always been an active family which is slightly based on how competitive we are, we love playing basketball together and we hold family olympics every…show more content…
There has been a trend going around in social media over the past few years that everyone should love themselves just the way they are. And through I do believe that everyone should see themselves in a good light, I also believe that health is equally as important. When the media and celebrities are telling everyone that they don’t need to change at all, some people can get the idea that they are fine without changing there lifestyle at all. In my opinion, the media should instead be promoting a healthy lifestyle. There are probably many other reasons that Americans don’t believe that physical activity is valuable. What they don’t realize is that it is important for more than just physical health. It can also be a social activity, it can also improve mental health as well. Though there are numerous benefits, most Americans still avoid physical activity knowing how much it could improve their life. This leads me to believe that a big part of the reason is laziness. The average American lifestyle seems to be much more stationary than it used to be. Because of the way most children are raised (sitting all day in class, then going home and sitting to do homework, and sitting to play video games afterwards), the average day of an American includes less physical activity than it ever has in the past. There is no one solution to this problem, but I

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