Family Health Assessment : A Blended Non Traditional Family

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Family health assessment
The family I chose to interview is a blended non-traditional family. There is a mother and her 6 kids. The kids come from two different guys that the gal was married to and a boyfriend that she has lived with in the past. The boyfriend still spends some nights with her.
Family seemed to be important with this family. They often spent time with her family during the holiday season. They have family over when the kids are having birthdays. They spend time together as a family going camping.
Health wise they get immunizations and try to take care of their health. Having good health was important to them.
Nutrition could have been better with this family. They had some sugary cereals for breakfast and donuts often. During the day the kids fixed their own meals. They ate a lot of pizza and ramen noodles. They ate a lot of processed foods during the day. Evening meal was more balanced. I think their nutrition level would be better for the kids when they were in school.
The author got the impression that the mother is sometimes tired. She leaves for work early in the morning and then has to come home and do things around the house. The teens are up late into the night and sleep late in the morning. The author thought that the teens are up later than is normal for kids their age.
There did not seem to be problems with elimination. All kids and mother where regular and did not have pain. The kids did seem to be at the right level for their stage of development.
Activity for this family could be better. The author saw no regular pattern of exercise. The mother said that she did go to the gym some but she did not seem to be very regular with it. The mother said that she tried to bike 6 miles earlier in the ye...

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.... They seem to be well adapted to making friends and playing with them nice.
The sexuality of the boyfriend and the mother could be better. The relationship seemed to the author to be of the mother giving the boyfriend sex when she needed something done around the house. They should also be using condoms. The boyfriend if he is not with her than he is with the other women that he has kids with. Hopefully the older 2 kids are using condoms all the time if they are having sex rather than following the example of the mother.
The coping strategies of this family could be better. The mother does smoke some and drinks to handle the stress of the kids. Work seems to be another outlet for her to be away from them for a while. The kids walk away usually from stress if they feel like they are going to blow-up. The oldest two kids spend time away from the family with friends.