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Problem Identification
Argentina like other countries has had its fair share of troubles. In the early 20th century it was ranked as the 7th wealthiest country in the world. After 1930, however events took a dreaded turn. Due to political instability and economic crisis it was reduced to underdevelopment. Poor economic planning consisted of the use of the fixed exchange rate and the massive foreign debt. The inability to repay its foreign debt caused a financial crisis in 2001. Repayment was deemed impossible and costs were cut by the government. This lead to salary reductions by 13% (Pastor and Wise 2001). Unemployment increased tremendously to nearly 20% (Stiglitz 2002).
After the crisis changes such as the introduction of the free exchange rate was made. This allowed Argentina to reap its advantages and improve its situation slowly. This was the major cause of the 8% growth in GDP between ‘03 and ’07. Disaster struck again in 2008 when the GFC was starting to take effect. This lead to low economic growth and also due to the decrease in commodity prices exports and imports decreased. This limits the injection into the economy and causes it to slow down. Lower international commodity competitiveness saw a 33% and 21% fall in imports and exports.
Current in Argentina over 40% of the population are living in poverty. Jobs were lost due to the economic crisis, approximately 100,000 people became Cartoneros. Cartoneros collect waste and recyclable items off the streets and sell them to make a living. It is a form of a self-employed job, however it is not sustainable and the risks of income are too high. These are the most effected victims of the economic problems. About 70% of the Carteneros are from the Buenos Aires region. Cartene...

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... alternative.
The most difficult part of the project was the simplicity factor. Commercial calenders are far too complex and expensive for us to design. Their prices also show that they are not very cheap. So we have designed a calender that can be used for domestic purposes. This calender is designed specifically for the use of the Cartoneros. The thin sheets of plastic can then be sold for an appropriate price. These plastics are then used as the core product in producing goods using the Kingston hot press. Factors such as safety and maintenance will be addressed in the later parts of this report.
Finally, the highlight of our project is its simplicity and efficiency. Assembly proves to be easy and the production of the necessary materials should be well within the budget. It can be safely said that our product is much cheaper than those available commercially.

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