Define Diversity Essay

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Growing up I never really knew that diversity was a big thing in people’s lives. When you’re young you may notice that your best friend may have different hair than you or may have different family rituals than you, but you’d never think that these slight differences would have a big impact on how the rest of your lives would be. Your best friend was still your best friend, regardless of how many differences there were between each other. However, as you get older it becomes more evident that people have different experiences and opportunities based on these differences. It probably didn’t occur to me that diversity mattered until high school. I was a part of the Doshi Science Research Program and my first semester I had the highest grade point average out of my peers and my teachers became very interested in me. “You are a black female excelling in the STEM fields.…show more content…
However, I believe diversity not only includes race, but also includes coming from different societies, having different upbringings, and having different thoughts and perspectives. I believe that diversity is highly important in any aspect of life, but especially within the health fields because medicine is mostly about patient interaction. Doctors must be able to communicate with their patients about their needs, and also with other people on their staff in order to ensure that the patient’s best interest is always at heart. Thousands of patients pass through hospitals everyday and it is important that they may have someone to identify with so that they feel the utmost level of comfort and trust in their caretakers. Patient lives are literally in your hands and they need to be certain that the doctor can take proper care of them. Having many distinctive types of people in the health field ensures that each patient may find a doctor that caters to their needs, which in turn improves the quality of healthcare for
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