Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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Cybercrime has risen speedily over the past few years (Jain). The amount of different types of cybercrimes is constantly increasing. Everyday there are new articles about the newest big cybercrime attack and what company is the victim. Many companies think their cyber security is good enough, but they should not be settling for good enough they should be on a constant watch for new ways to improve their security of confidential information. Cybercrime has become a large fear for many companies and individuals. People are scared that their next email could contain a link that can cause them to be the next victim of cybercrime. Also that an ads or website they end up on could put them at risk of getting a virus or being attacked. The most common types of cybercrime are hacking, theft, stalking, identity theft, and malicious software (Cyber Crime). There are many cybercrimes that fit into each these categories. Ransomware has had a huge impact on some major companies. People violate copywrites by downloading items such a movies or music. People place skimmers on card readers at places like gas stations to steal debit and credit card information. There are other attackers that will steal personally information to steal someone identity and this can be extremely damaging…show more content…
There are a wide variety of ways to protect confidential information, security software, encrypting files, requiring authorization, restricting access just to name most common forms of protection. Many companies require employees to use an employee ID card to scan into the building and go in certain areas of the building or use certain equipment. Companies also have systems where employees must request access to certain computer programs or systems that need a manager’s approval and for the IT department to get them set up and

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