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The Dynamic Nature of Cultural Expressions Overtime, people’s view of cultural expressions has evolved to exclude some of the stereotypical biases that were attached to certain forms of cultural expressions. A person who wore certain clothes, or had tattoos on their skins or spotted dreadlocks was viewed as rogue and could be viewed as rebellious. Not any more, the world has moved to accept new forms of cultural expressions, and people have found new ways of expressing what they feel is the right way of life and the world has begun to accept the new forms of cultural expressions. People have embraced the art of using ink and dyes to draw patterns, pictures or word art into their skins to express culture and what they feel. Many cultures have used this form of expression as a communication of rights of passage or for beauty purposes, but the symbolic type of tattoos communicate a given message that the wearer intends to send. Unfortunately, the tattoo was regarded negatively in the western cultures and people who spotted tattoos were regarded as rebellious, as members of cults and criminal gangs. Recently, however, towards the end of the 20th century, people started to embrace this form of art as an accessory, a form of beauty. Tattoos have also been used to express issues ranging from mourning the dead, to sending messages of environmental conservation and global warming. While walking on the streets, one can learn a lot just by reading what people have drawn on their bodies and can feel with them what they feel in their hearts. How people wear their hair is a form of cultural expression. Initially, culture dictated how women and men wore their hair, and any deviation from this was regarded as disobedient and uncouth. In some c... ... middle of paper ... ...tattoos or how they wear their hair. Sometimes however, these cultural expressions have led people to inappropriately judge who I am or what I believe in. Tattoos especially are sometimes hard to interpret and someone can love or dislike you just by the tattoo you wear, or the clothes that you adorn. However, even with these limitations, I go on to say that one should use these cultural expressions to project who they are. People’s view of cultural expressions is dynamic and not static. I recent history, tattoos and hairstyles were left to cults and rebels, today however, they are acceptable and are seen as modern forms of cultural expression. In the future, they might or might not be acceptable, depending on the how the society will view them at that time. It is advisable to; therefore, review how certain expressions are viewed by the community before using them.
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